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Travel Expense Support for Overseas Participants at AABE2024 Conference


The AABE2024 Organizing Committee fosters a dynamic information exchange hub by bringing together participants from diverse countries. To facilitate this, we are delighted to announce our initiative to assist young researchers and school educators facing financial challenges by providing travel expense support.


Eligibility and Conditions for Application:

1. Researchers under 45 affiliated with universities or research institutions, presenting at the AABE2024 conference, or school educators of biology (no age restrictions) who will be presenting.

2. To apply, please fill out the information on the form provided by clicking the link at the bottom. Additionally, submit an abstract of your presentation and a copy of your passport (the page displaying your name and date of birth) through the designated fields on the form. Your name should be used for both file names. Note that this is a separate form from the general registration form.


Application Process:

  • After the application deadline, submitted abstracts will undergo evaluation.

  • Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance.

  • The support amount varies based on the number of applicants and will cover 50-80% of the lowest airfare from your departure country to Matsuyama, as researched by the AABE2024 Organizing Committee.

  • Diversity among applicants from different countries will be considered during the selection process.

  • The anticipated number of accepted applicants is between 5 to 6 individuals; however, this may vary depending on the application status.



Financial support will be provided in cash at the AABE2024 conference venue.


Application Deadline:

May 31, 2024


We encourage eligible participants to seize this opportunity to enhance global collaboration and enrich their experience at AABE2024.

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