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Matsuyama is a historical, cultural, and academic city in Shikoku, one of Japan's four main islands. We are preparing a city tour on October 12 (Mini Excursion) and an optional visit to the school and zoo on October 15 (Post-Conference Excursion).

Mini Excursion (free tour) on 12 October, 15:00–17:00

Guided tour to Matsuyama Castle (Matsuyama-jō). The castle is a "flatland-mountain"-style Japanese castle that was built in 1603 on Mount Katsuyama, in the city of Matsuyama in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. The castle is one of twelve Japanese castles to still have its original tenshu. The castle has been protected as a National Historic Site since 1952.
Matsuyama Castle consists of a Honmaru (main enclosure), a Ninomaru (secondary enclosure), and a Sannomaru (tertiary enclosure), spread over a flat hilltop area of about 400 meter long and 100 meter wide. This area has three masugata-style gates at south, northwest and northeast. The Honmaru is an inner square central area with three corner yagura connected by barrack gates surrounding the tenshu. The south and west edge of central area is protected by curved stone walls built utilizing the cliff as part of its natural defenses. The Ninomaru contains the daimyō residence and garden, and has area of about 200 meter long square. Entry into this secondary area was protected by tall stone walls and water moats.The Sannomaru was 500 meter long square, with tall clay walls and a 50 meter wide water moat. It is now a large park.

Post-Conference Excursion (opitional tour) on 15 October, Full day tour

Visit Ehime University Affiliated Schools in the morning and Tobe Zoological Park in the afternoon. Tobe town, where the zoological park is located, is also famous for Tobe ware (pottery). The tour fee includes a lunch.  

During our upcoming school visit, we are excited to explore several of these affiliated schools, with a particular focus on the high school affiliated with Ehime University. This high school stands out as a designated research school with a unique mission: to offer tailor-made education that meets the specific needs and aspirations of its students. This approach ensures that students receive a customized learning experience that fosters their individual talents and ambitions. 

Furthermore, the high school at Ehime University is actively engaged in international exchanges and research collaborations. The institution has a rich history of conducting research projects in partnership with the university itself, resulting in numerous accolades and awards. These endeavors demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence and innovation that extends beyond the classroom, contributing to the broader academic community and fostering global connections.

 Ehime University's affiliated high school is a shining example of the institution's dedication to education, research, and international engagement, making it a compelling destination for prospective students and educators alike.

Tobe Zoological Park is a zoo founded by Ehime Prefecture, located near Matsuyama City. It is known as a home for a diverse range of animals, all of which live in comfortable environments and provide an enjoyable experience for visitors.

At Tobe Zoological Park, you can observe a variety of animals, including lions, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, penguins, and more, collected from around the world. The park features expansive areas designed to ensure that the animals can live in a natural habitat, with their health and well-being as a top priority.

Furthermore, Tobe Zoological Park offers educational programs and events, making it a perfect place for a day out with family and friends. It also provides an opportunity to increase awareness about the ecology and the environment of these animals.

Tobe Zoological Park is cherished by many people as a place to learn, enjoy, and interact with nature and animals. Visit this fantastic zoo and enjoy the fascinating encounters with these amazing creatures.


The Ceramics Museum is an integrated facility with a Tobe ware museum, gallery, and souvenir shop. Tobe Pottery, made from local potter's stones, is designated as a national traditional handicraft. Many of its designs are both practical and modern, and it has many fans throughout Japan.

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